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Saturday, 12 May 2012

what went wrong, gary? what the hell went wrong?

when i initially did this, the idea was that the sea captain was on his way to gimp island - you know, to capture some giant king-kong sized gimp and bring it back to civilisation for people to gawp at.

i then suddenly became painfully aware that shia labeouf might try and sue me for using his life story... so i didn't.


  1. I like this picture Lixx, your blog is pretty decent. Keep up the insanity. Too many blogs out there about peoples' boring lives, taking themselves too seriously. I for one think they should all be tried as witches and smeared in honey, then fed to the killer kippers of kilimanjaro. Learn them that indeed will do...... braaaap

  2. aw - cheers bro! i never really got why the killer kippers of kilimanjaro got such a bad rap. maybe they should consider changing their initials.