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Saturday, 17 November 2012

the steve with no name (part 3)

the fire had of course been his fault. he hadn't done it intentionally, but he had definitely caused it.

it had come after one particularly invigorating home schooled lesson about the essence of life and how everything around him was living, which had unfortunately resulted in steve trying to hug the family fire place and accidentally getting a little bit of fire on the carpet - as well as on his parents and the rest of the house.

his dad, who was wearing a shell-suit and drinking brandy at the time, perished instantly, but steve had somehow managed to drag his mother to the safety of the road outside, where they both patiently waited for the fire engine neither of them had called.

he still remembered her dying words. at some point through the soot and tears he had managed to ask her what his real name was, to which she had rather un-satisfyingly answered 
"... well... it's definitely not steve..." before rather selfishly dying on him.

for some inexplicable reason, steve still blamed himself for her death.

when the fire brigade eventually arrived at the scene, it was all the firemen could do to comfort him by constantly reassuring him it wasn't his fault - although in retrospect, steve still wished he hadn't laid her in the road for the fire engine to run over her in the first place.

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